Operation Manual

DECALOG Greek Design Bazaar is an online store of Greek brands, with products of superior quality designed by Greek creators; all are presented at a discounted price, in limited quantities and for a few days.

For the first 10 days of every month, the Bazaar operates with unique, discounted prices! The remaining 20 days, you will have the last chance to find only whatever is available in the online Warehouse/Stock of DECALOG, at a higher price than that of the Bazaar but still at discount and therefore advantageous!

The aim of the DECALOG Greek Design Bazaar is to highlight, promote and love Greek design both locally and abroad, and to provide awards based on products’ evaluation, brand rating and likes of photos, all performed by the consumers.

The decalogue that characterizes the project are: Idea (concept); innovation; design; aesthetics; quality; sustainability (Eco-consciousness); price; packaging; promotion; interaction.

The central axis of the project is the number 10 which in Greek refers to “Excellent”, “A+”, “Ten with an exclamation mark”, “Ten is good”, “the Ten Commandments”, etc.). Inspired by this, in the DECALOG eShop you will have 10 special opportunities to benefit from a new experience of brand shopping. More specifically, at DECALOG Greek Design Bazaar you can find/select from:

1. Unique discounted prices during the first 10 days of each month,
2. Discount prices for the next 20 days for 10 months,
3. Selection from 10 main product categories,
4. Creations by x10 Greek designers per category,
5. View of up to 10 different products per designer,
6. Tens of different brands per month,
7. At least 10 product updates every month,
8. Additional 100 points for 10 product reviews,
9. 10% discount coupon depending on purchases and interaction,
10. All the above, for 10 months a year, with free shipping in Greece and lower shipping charge for the rest of the world.

In Decalog.gr you will be able to and we urge you to:

Evaluate the products presented

Rate the Greek brands

Like the photos of products allowing brands to know your preference

Read more about the brands or products

Share in Facebook your favourite product

Connect with the site, eShop or social media of the brands participating in DECALOG, with the direct link.

See evaluations, ratings, likes and of course the brand awards listed alphabetically at DECALOG!

Point System:
You win 100 points upon registration!
With every purchase you get 1% of the value in points
You win more points by interacting on social media (post or story of the product, with tagging DECALOG #decalog #decalogr #greeksdesignbetter)!
You win 100 more points when you evaluate products or rate brands (1 star = 1 point)!
Like in photos gives you points (1 like = 1 point)!
Win 100 points with every 10 evaluations
WIN Extra -10% discount coupon, depending on purchases and overall eShop interaction!

Collect 1000 points and use them in your next purchase.
Additional points count for the next 1000.

The whole concept in brief:
Buy economically… Enjoy quality & design… Give your evaluation… and WIN!

ALL for Design & Design for ALL

The countdown has begun…
The point is to get what you want!
You will get it in time?